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Miss Ashmi has helped me immensely during the time of my common application.  She not only had formidable knowledge about the university I was applying to, but she also had  enormous professional skills to correct my essays into a better piece. I undoubtedly believe that she had a permeating impact on my overall application to NYUAD into an optimistic one.

I would highly recommend to have her as 1 to 1 counselor as she was immensely helpful especially during this pandemic where gatherings were largely restricted, at least during my application period.

Name: Minseo Kim
University: NYUAD
Course: Electrical Engineering

I had Ms.Ashmi as my career counselor throughout high school and I have got to say, she was a tremendous help. From providing great resources, to having one on one guidance sessions, she really helped me best represent myself when applying to universities.

Name: Shayan Ali Nassabi
University: NYUAD
Course: Computer Science

Miss Ashmi has guided and adviced me with all the university requirements. I found it extremely helpful and was able to make it to all my university deadlines and submissions of documents. I would definitely tell my friends to book an appointment and have a session!

Name: Rithi Raja
University: Istituto Marangoni
Course: Fashion business

Ms. Ashmi is an amazing counselor! Helped with every step of the UCAS journey, from college selection to interview skills to essay writing. Provided me with multiple opportunities to strengthen my CV from educational workshops to internships in companies to prestigious competitions. She really went the extra mile to help me create a strong application, fill forms correctly and communicate to universities professionally. Lastly, I really appreciate her work during COVID times 2020: her diligence with Cambridge and my current university is what got me accepted.

Name: Sayak Bhattacharya
University: Imperial college London
Course: Chemistry

Being both my A level Biology teacher and career counselor,  you have been of great help and support to me. My transition to university in Canada was a smooth process as she  guided me to the right sources and helped me fulfill the necessary requirements for my application. Her monthly arrangements of meetups with university and admission professionals opened our options to further studies and what different courses around the world had to offer. Your continuous dedication to support your students through this stressful time is what brought me to you. Thank you for your services. 

Name: Reesha Nauman
University: Ryerson University
Course: Public Health

Miss Ashmi has helped  a lot by counselling me throughout my high school and shortlisting university journey. I have communicated with her constantly, where she motivated me on getting the required grades to be accepted in the  university and provided clear guidance on the process to approach the university until she assured that I have been registered. I was also awed at how she multi-tasked and taught senior students BTEC and AS biology very smoothly apart from being a counsellor. Today, I am a university student, and I would have not been registered easily if it weren’t for Miss Ashmi’s support.  

Name : Hessa Saeed Abdulla
University: Emirates aviation university
Course: Aviation Management

Ms Ashmi was extremely helpful to me during my school years as she had complete knowledge of university requirements wherever I had applied and it was a blessing being guided by her.

Name: Aya Ewida
University: University of Sharjah
Course: Medicine

Miss Ashmi, is a very committed, diligent, innovative teacher and counselor.  I am very glad that I have worked with her and got to learn from her. She has such enthusiasm to any and all works that she does whether it’s helping out a student for their university problems or giving them guidance on how they should go on with university, or it’s dealing with university requirements. 

Furthermore, I would like to add that Miss Ashmi is a very resourceful person and comes up with great solutions when there is a problem at hand, I am very grateful that she was one of my teacher and I got to be her student. 

Name: Sachini Rodrigo
University: University College Birmingham
Course: Hospitality and event management

I really recommend this organization as Ms.  Ashmi is very approachable, interactive and understanding career consultant she has deep understanding on the human mind and human behaviour and understand what is needed, moreover Ms. Ashmi will always give you the correct path to go through and the right motivation to never give up and keep striving for your goals.

Name: Abdulla Yasin
University: Emirates aviation university
Course: Software engineering

During my final high school year, Ms. Ashmi went above and beyond to provide me with information regarding universities in Australia. She did her best to arrange meetings with Australian universities for my personal benefit, which helped me immensely with my application. Above all, her constant support and encouragement helped me stay calm and hopeful throughout the process. I would highly recommend Ms. Ashmi Prasad as a career counsellor.

Name: M. Gimani Asmitha Fernando
University: Monash University
Course: Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Scholars)